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" ...the ideas were some off the best B2B solutions we have seen and continue to work well over the bigger picture for growth. We think the company will contiune to work at the same level as they a very focused on the jobs they work on and seem to have not just a good business model but love what they do for other companies "

- Derek Grieve, Managing Director, Print-line Communications LTD, http://www.print-line.co.uk/

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Social Media Training

We love Social Media, especially the way it lets you connect to your customers, whether that be for sales and marketing, market research, customer support, there are just so many useful and exciting ways to use it, you just need to know how.

For us there is nothing better than teaching a company how to get the most out of their social media. we don't believe that a external company can really do your company justice which is why we only offer Social Media Training through our new company Contact Online Ltd.

Yip that's right we refuse to do your social media for you...why? Simply we believe that what other companies charge a fortune to do for you can be done in your business with just 4 or 5 hours a week. Our training is stripped down, no nonsense and straight to the heart of what your business should do to connect with your customers.

How can we do that? is probably your next question, simply we just took all the best bits that work and made sure that before we do your training we do our homework and customise the examples so they are specific to your business. That way if you refer back to the hand outs at any time they will make much more sense to you.

We also work with you to create action plans & schedules and the best bit is we've made it so it's flexible, you'll never have to worry about being interrupted.

If you don't think Social Media is a vital part of your marketing that's fine carry on doing what your doing, but if you even remotely think that you could do with more business then call us on 0141 250 7030 and we can very quickly show you just how passionate we are about this, if you do it right Social Media might just be the best addition you made to your business.