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" From The first meeting you will realise that these web developers know their stuff. On our project they quickly got under the skin of what we were trying to achieve and provided solid advice on layout, SEO and technical issues. "

- Robin Smith, Managing Director, 4c Design, http://www.4cdesign.co.uk

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Dunne Group

The Challenge

The Dunne Group came to us wanting a new fresh updated redesign of their website that provided more of a trust indicator of the quality of work they do. The main challenges was to allow the site to be more future proof and to allow them complete control of their content.

The Solution

With this is mind we discussed Desktops/Laptops and mobile devices like phones and tablets for the website. With these various devices out there you can go two routes, create separate versions of the site that show up best on each device, which can be really time consuming and expensive, or take the approach of what's called Responsive Design, the link takes you to Wikipedia's definition or you can see our summarised version below.

Responsive design is where the site will respond to the size of screen it's on, so we take the most common screen sizes and ensure that the site works for them. For the ones in between we make it so that the areas on the website expand or contract to work on them best they can.

The Dunne Group went for this responsive approach as this would future proof their website given the changing nature of how more people and businesses in the future will probably view a website on mobile devices of some kind.

Here is a picture of the old website so you can get an idea of what it was like.

Old Website

You can test the new website by clicking on the new responsive designed website and making the browser window smaller to see it react in size to the width of the browser or you can look at the images below(it will automatically scale it if you're on a mobile device). You can click on any images for a larger version to see the detail.


So you can see from left to right that the smaller the screen gets the more vertical scrolling you'll need to do, however on mobile devices this is very easy to do and so much better than doing the whole pinch zoom in, move right, pinch zoom out a little, move left some more, zoom in again type motions, it's just a simple swipe up or down motion with your thumb or finger.

This also means that you don't need to worry about creating a whole separate website or mobile application as your site caters for most devices out there in one single build.

The Extras

The next big challenge was finding a way to deliver the amazing images the Dunne Group have in their printed portfolios onto the website in a way that works for both desktop and mobile devices. We ended up with a very simple but effective grid method for the choice page then it drills down to a specific case study gallery page on the chosen topic.

We were even able to make it so they could add in you-tube videos to the case study gallery pages since video is growing massively online. This too will work across multiple devices and won't suffer from flash video that doesn't work on Apple devices.

The Dunne Group have complete control of the content on the website, which means they get to add new information without having to go through us and wait until we have time in our busy schedule. This works great for both of us as we get to deal with the technical stuff they can't and they get to focus on marketing their content and turning visitors into leads and then sales.

We have also been given the task to do the Search Engine Optmisation for the website, which we started by doing a full and detailed analysis of the keywords that have potential to bring them in traffic. They liked our approach to this information and how our report made it so easy to understand where the main words were to focus on.

We also analysed their competitors to give the Dunne Group a sense of where they were online in comparison, however a major benefit is that now we know what the competitors are targeting, not to mention some other amazing other benefits they get that we can only tell you about over the phone as we really don't want our competition knowing about them.

We look forward to running the search engine campaigns and getting them high up in the search engines over the next 3 months and beyond.

The Thoughts

We are very proud of the work that went into this website, we hope you can see the benefits in responsive design and how a redesign on an old website can be very effective.